D&D: Ways to Improve Tiny Adventures

I can't believe I'm playing this game so much, but it has me hooked. There is just something about the simplicity of sending a hero off to adventure and reading about his exploits when he returns. I now keep a separate tab open in Firefox whenever I am online, and I switch over when I hear the little chime that rings each time my adventurer has completed another event. Despite the simplicity, I am hooked.

However, despite my addiction, the game could be improved drastically. A few suggestions follow...

More choices: I would much prefer a "choose your own adventure" style game, even if there are only a few choices per adventure. More interactivity is always a good thing.
More choice in character development: As of right now, there aren't any choices beyond inventory control. Even choosing my own stat bonuses would be an improvement.
More ways to interact with friends: D&D is a social game that focuses on team play... somehow, buffing every now and then just doesn't satisfy that need for me. Even meta-adventure activities would be a nice addition, such as trading magical items or donating gold.
Give more info on buffing: Buffing your friends is cool, but does it show anywhere exactly how that buffing helped? I'm struggling to find this information. All I am able to locate is a line about how many encounters the character will receive the benefit, but without any information about what those benefits are.
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