Finally Blogging

It has been several weeks (that have seemed like an eternity, I might add) since I created this blog over on WordPress. Now, with the first free weekend that I have had in a month or more, I am finally finding the time to write, and I spent half the time searching for a new blogging service! I could explain why I switched, but I'll save that for some other time...

Before I continue, I should probably introduce myself to anyone out there who may start reading this. My name is Josh. I’m a teacher and an avid gamer. This blog will focus on my gaming addiction in hopes of reaching out to others in the world who share some of my interests and beliefs.

Games I am currently hooked on include:
-Rifts (a post apocalyptic RPG) - This game is set in the far future, where magic and technology clash and humanity is competing with dragons, alien intelligences, and dimensional beings of all kinds for survival. The Rifts RPG is far from perfect and is just as unbalanced as the pundits claim, but it is insanely fun. Anyone who loves science fiction and role-playing games should check this out.
-Magic: The Gathering (the ORIGINAL collectible card game) - Magic is the one game that I just don’t get tired of playing. It is not always the most entertaining and sometimes the cost prohibits me from playing as much as I’d like, but if nothing else, Magic is reliable. When I grow tired of other games, Magic remains just as entertaining as ever.
-Dungeons & Dragons (fantasy RPG) - D&D has taken a backseat lately to Rifts, but it is the game that hooked me into role playing when I was just a wee little thing. 4th edition is out and I love many of the ideas behind the new system. Unfortunately, the game just feels stale to me. Perhaps it is that too few supplements have been released and I just don’t feel much depth yet.
-D&D Tiny Adventures (facebook application) - This game is just dumb. It isn’t really much of a game at all, actually, but I enjoy fooling around with it nonetheless. You create a D&D character (but all you choose is race and class). Then, you send him/her on adventures. You get loot, re-equip, visit the shop, and then start over on a more challenging adventure but with better bonuses (due to equipment or leveling). There is almost no interaction at all, and yet I find myself logging in to facebook just to send my little paladin off on adventures. I guess part of the appeal is that I don’t have to do much of anything at all… log in, click an adventure, and come back later for the results. Laziness at its finest…
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