Rifts: Introduction

The Rifts campaign started off extremely well. I spent quite a bit of time trying to decide whether or not to run the Rifts setting with another rule set (either a d20 Modern/D20 Future/Urban Arcana mix or GURPS), but in the end I just ran with things as printed. My players are D20 veterans and have never played Rifts, so I created characters for them.

The Cast (as of Session One):
  • Drake, a human shifter (played by Eric)
  • Toad, a goblin mind melter (Played by Will)
  • Minos, a minotaur vagabond (Played by Matt)
The following characters were created but not chosen by my players:
  • Stoney, a dwarf techno-wizard
  • Thorn, an elf wilderness scout
Aside: Original names, I know. In our group, character names usually aren’t all that important. We aren’t really into the whole “calling each other by character name” habit that a lot of game groups seem to practice. There are just certain geek-lines that I won’t cross, and this is one of them.

I gave the players only minimal background information, something along the lines of “you are relatively new to Rifts Earth; long enough to pick up some basic skills, knowledge of our base of operations and its surroundings, and little else.” I also added the following tip: “Rifts is unbalanced. There are no challenge ratings or wealth/level guidelines and character level is even an abstract measurement of power than in D&D. Be cautious and don’t be too full of yourself to run away.”

The setting is eastern Tennessee, between Dinosaur Swamp and the Federation of Magic, in the wilderness near a town called Ironforge (my creation). The campaign begins with the following event:
You are camping for the evening on your way back to Ironforge. You can see in the distance a towering ley line nexus glowing light blue. Suddenly, a surge of blue-white energy leaps toward the sky and a dimensional rift opens above the nexus. Something streaks out of the rift, leaving a trail of flame as it streaks across the sky. The object crashes somewhere in the distance, sending a cloud of debris and flame into the air.

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