Rifts: Session One

The first session is a blast! I hear nothing but compliments from the players, who have been playing Mass Effect and anticipating Fallout 3 so much that they really got a kick out of some sci-fi action. In the first session, the pcs:

  • learn that the crashed object from the rift is a starship from the United Worlds of Warlock and that there are at least five survivors, four warlock marines and an escaped convict.
  • warn a group of maxparies that a Coalition squad is on its way (giving them time to flee for their lives).
  • defeat a Coalition sky cyclist.
  • defeat a Coalition SAMAS pilot (with some lucky called shots to the head that resulted in being able to sell the armor for a hefty profit to a Black Market dealer in Ironforge).
  • purchase new spells, weapons, armor, and a Big Boss ATV
  • witness the convict kill two of the surviving warlock marines
  • learn that the convict, known only as “Ghost”:
    • is an Invincible Guardsman
    • is able to fly
    • is looking for his rune sword, and that the warlock marines either have it or know of its location
    • traded Coalition equipment for a jet pack in Ironforge

In the end, we all had a good time. We’re all looking forward to Session Two. What will the Coalition deep recon team do now that it has lost several men? Where will Ghost show up next? What monsters will the group encounter as they trek through the wilderness?

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