Rifts: Session Three

Work this week has been incredibly exhausting, so this update is later than intended.

Though another relatively short session, session three was no less exciting than the first two.

The party, searching for their Coalition foes, walked into an ambush. Fortunately, they were able to fight their way out, destroying all of the attacking Coalition soldiers as well as the SAMAS harrying them from the sky.

After the ambush, the characters were approached by a wolfen in a jet pack. The wolfen requested a meeting between the characters and his master. After some questioning, the characters agreed. The meeting was to take place at the nexus point in the ruined city the following night at midnight.

Next time: Who is the wolfen's master? Will the meeting be an opportunity for adventure or an ambush? And the Coalition forces have now been defeated by the party on three occasions now... will they retreat back into Coalition territory or attack in force?

Session Two
Session One
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