Rifts: Session Two

The second session was not quite the fun that the first session was, partially because the party took a wild turn off of the course I expected them to follow and partially because we were rushed for time. Unfortunately, my school's open house was rescheduled, and the new time fell right in the middle of game night... how irritating...

In any case, we still managed to get in about an hour and a half of play. The players immediately discussed going after the Coalition recon team, but decided against the idea once they saw the picture of the armored personnel carrier that the Coalition forces had been using as a mobile base camp. Instead, they decided that they should go after the warlock marines. What they didn't realize was that the Coalition forces would have proven to be a much more evenly matched fight, especially if the party continued with their previous strategy of isolating members of the unit and killing them one by one.

Fighting the warlock marines was a disaster, culminating in a hasty retreat before the end of the first melee round. Even with damaged armor and equipment, the marines were more than a match for the party. I judged that the marines' flight capabilities had been hindered by the repairs, so when the party sped away, the marines took shots until they were out of range but did not pursue. Unfortunately, the party has just made two very strong enemies.

During Session Two, the party:
  • battled and retreated from two warlock marines
  • was approached by a Naruni arms dealer, who identified them as opponents of the Coalition and offered them discounted merchandise
  • purchased several new weapons and items from Naruni Enterprises, accumulating a 44 million credit debt
  • battled and defeated a gargoyle with their new Naruni weaponry
I had fully intended to introduce the party to a Naruni Enterprises dealer at some point in the future (after they defeated the whole Coalition recon team), but I decided that they should not be completely defenseless against the warlock marines should I decide to let them get a shot at revenge. Now that they are better equipped, I can safely throw more than a couple Coalition soldiers at them at once without expecting a TPK.

Next time...
Will the Coalition forces track the PCs down? Will the warlock marines come looking for revenge? Was that gargoyle just a random encounter or a scout for a larger force? Will the party repay their debt to Naruni Enterprises before the repo-bots come calling? Will Ghost make another appearance? Could Ghost be a potential ally now that the characters have attacked the warlock marines?

Session One
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