Made Characters Who Never Made It

I was digging through the cobwebs of some neglected folders of my computer and stumbled on this file. This was a little fluff I was providing for a campaign that almost got started in my gaming group. The campaign was to be a backup game for when we only had a few players, and so we were each going to have two characters. I'm not sure where the actual background information on these guys went, but this was the better part of it anyway. Rambling, sorry... here's the fluff:
    "Who are we?" The drow repeated the question as if it was ludicrous. "I am Ranaghar and this is my brother Kalannar." Simultaneously, the two dipped into low bows, exposing their defenses and trying to appear as amicable as possible.
    "Yer name's not enough, drow," the dwarf spat.
    "Sadly, our names are all we can give for now. We are escaped slaves and can remember nothing before our enslavement." Though the humans had believed him the last time he explained, he knew that humans were much more gullible creatures than dwarves and had much less experience dealing with drow. He could only hope that the dwarf would buy the story.
    "Ye don't look like one o' Elistraee's bunch, and..."
    "No, I can assure you that we are not of that 'bunch,'" Ranaghar replied quickly, cutting the dwarf off before he could utter a threat. "But perhaps you could point us in the direction of that 'bunch' so that we might learn from those who have gained the trust of the honorable dwarven people."
    "If I told ye where to find 'em, ye'd probly just..." the dwarf snarled, growing more and more frustrated by the drow. His own brothers stood behind him, and the three were no strangers to battle.
    "Good dwarf," Ranaghar interrupted again. "We mean no harm to you or 'Elistraee's bunch', as you called them. As I explained before, we have no history to speak of, for we know nothing of our past. We seek a new life on the surface..."
    The dwarf growled. It was his turn to interrupt. "I'm gettin' tired o' yer sweet talk, drow. I can see though yer lies." He took a step back and lifted his axe threateningly. "I think it's time to go back to yer holes, drow, or elskk..."
    It took an agonizing moment for the dwarf to realize that much of his throat was now in strips and chunks stuck to the end of the other drow's spiked chain. Even with such a vicious wound, the dwarf still took a step forward as if to attack. But just as he raised his axe, the injury overcame him and he fell face first into the dirt.     Had they been thinking rationally, they might have run. But vengeance drove the other two dwarves to charge past their fallen comrade.
    A few moments later, the twin brothers stared down at the corpses of three dwarf merchants. Kalannar was scowling just as he had been since the moment he heard the dwarf begin his threat. Ranaghar shook his head in exasperation. This was going to be more difficult than he had ever imagined.
Ranaghar is physically weaker and less agile than his brother, but he makes up for the difference in pure force of personality. He would rather resolve most conflicts without fighting, but knows well how to mix things up when the time is right.

Kalannar is stronger and more agile than his brother but is mute, so he relies on his brother to communicate. Kalannar has a quick temper, most likely developed by years of frustration having to rely on his brother for so much.
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