Mining Computer RPGs for Inspiration

When inspiration runs dry, computer RPGs are a great source of content for a "real" RPG. I really never thought of this until I was wallowing in the frustration of Fallout 3 crashes and remembered one of my players comments during our first Rifts session:

Playing this game is like playing a Fallout RPG.

It isn't hard to see the similarities that the two games share... both are post apocalyptic settings in which mankind is struggling to survive and both have a rugged, gritty tone. I immediately started thinking back to the countless hours I spent playing the first Fallout games (1, 2, and Tactics). There were quite a few memorable locations, NPCs, and quests. I plan on stealing some of them for future plot hooks, and I intend to work on a list of cool ideas from some of my favorite computer RPGs.
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