NPC Spotlight: Ghost

Visually, my inspiration for the following character came mainly from Moon Knight. I've actually been showing my players this image each time Ghost appears in the game. Unfortunately, this has lead to my players actually calling him Moon Knight, so I'll be replacing the image I normally show my players with the images in this post, each of which is a screenshot from City of Villains (which, even if you don't have the money to invest in MMORPGs, is at least worth downloading for the 15 day free trial).

There are quite a few "unknowns" in the following bio. I'll be updating this post from time to time as my players learn more about him. For now, this is just a record of what the PCs know or could guess relatively easily based on what they have seen in game.

Real Name: Unknown
Aliases: "Ghost"
Alignment: Unknown, Miscreant if the UWW information is correct
Weight: 195 lbs
Height: 6' 3"
Age: Appears to be a young adult, but seems experienced beyond his years.
Disposition: Friendly but businesslike... it is difficult to tell whether his charm is genuine or opportunistic.
Experience Level: Unknown (Though an Invincible Guardsman, he was created using Heroes Unlimited and Rifts Conversion Book 1 rules for superhuman characters)
Enemies: United Worlds of Warlock, a rival faction within the Transgalactic Empire
Allies: Onyx (a wolfen), and Wraith (an elf). Claims to have more contacts on Phaseworld, but the extent of these contacts is currently unknown.
Magic Knowledge: Unknown
Psionic Powers: Unknown
Abilities: Can create impenetrable darkness that shuts off even night goggles and other sensors, moves with incredible speed
Skills of Note: Speaks thickly accented American (though the accent is like nothing the PCs have heard before)
Weapon Proficiencies: WP Sword, WP Paired Weapons
Weapons and Armor: Wears light MDC armor and carries a pair of vibro-swords, is searching for a runesword that was confiscated from him by the UWW marines when he was captured

As of right now, Ghost might wind up becoming a patron and ally of the PCs. In fact, last session the party killed one of the two remaining warlock marines and took the other as a prisoner.

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend." ... or so the saying goes...

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