Rifts Session Five: TPK... Almost

This week, we were able to complete the battle with the Coalition reconnaissance team, and the results were not favorable for the PCs. After battling nearly a dozen soldiers, the party succumbed to the onslaught of laser rifle fire and fragmentation grenades. Only Minos was able to retreat safely. Our goblin mind melter and human shifter will soon be replaced by a fire dragon hatchling and a superhero (Heroes Unlimited style).

This turn of events leads me to thinking about the scope of the campaign. Before the majority of the party got themselves killed, Minos the minotaur was the beef of the group... the defender in 4E terms. Now, if the dice fall a certain way, he will be the weakest in the group physically. And there lies the double edged sword of the Rifts RPG. It is great that players can play as virtually anything, from a wizard to a dragon to a superhero. Getting to play all of these roles at the same time without having to create your own hybrid game system is awesome. Unfortunately, the game's power level can spiral out of control... and that is what I fear may happen in the coming weeks.

Fortunately, as the character creation junky that I am, this gives me the opportunity to do what I love to do most... roll up more powerful villains! Again, I am failing to follow my own advice about making stats for villains, but rolling up characters is fun. Perhaps I need to start rolling up characters just for the fun of it and creating an archive of NPC ideas similar to this series over at Greywulf's Lair.

Next time: With 2/3 of the group dead and replaced, will the meeting with Ghost still go on as planned? Even though the party retreated, the Coalition recon team suffered heavy casualties... will they finally pack up and head home? What new contacts and enemies with the new PCs bring with them to the group?

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