Rifts: Session Four

This week our group came the closest to a TPK... and it is still possible. Well, I guess at least one PC will survive...

With a day and a half of possible down time before the meeting with the wolfen and his master, the party decided to make use of the free time to launch another assault against the Coalition armored personnel carrier.

They tracked the APC successfully, but found themselves outmatched when a rather large volley of mini missiles made it past their attempts to shoot the missiles out of the sky. With their hovertank destroyed, they fought off two SAMAS suits in fairly close combat. The highlight of the fight was Eric (as Drake, our shifter) using Compulsion to get one SAMAS pilot to take off his helmet. Despite dodging the first attack aimed at his exposed head and hastily retreating, a second called shot by another character ended his days in the Coalition military.

When the session ended, the party was short a vehicle and in fear of the remaining CS forces no doubt heading their way. One character was sent speeding back town while the others headed back at a slower pace, hoping to outrun their Coalition foes.

Next time: Will the speedier PC make it to town and back for a rescue? Will the others be overwhelmed before he can return? Are the Coalition forces even in pursuit? Might the party be saved by a third party intervening?

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