Rifts Session Six: Profitable Opportunities

The course of the game took on a new direction this week when the players met with Ghost. Ghost explained that the group had attracted his attention and that working for him would be a profitable opportunity. In order to prove themselves worthy, however, the group would have to retrieve the runesword from the Warlock Marines. The party found the marines back at the crash site, where they were clearing rubble and still trying to salvage what they could, and attacked immediately.

Minos the minotaur vagabond traded laser fire with one of the marines while Isaac the Colossus-clone took on the other in melee combat, and Pyro the hatchling dragon breathed fire from above. It was a tough fight, but our heroes won in the end. One marine bit the dust, while the other surrendered just before his power armor was destroyed.

Now the party has a nearly destroyed suit of warlock marine power armor and a prisoner. We had to wrap things up before they sorted through the rest of the wreckage or their camp.

Next time: What will the prisoner reveal? Will the runesword be where they expected to find it? Will Ghost hold up his end of the bargain?

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