Rifts Session X: Game Night Derailed

Ever had one of those times when you just don't feel like GMing? This week I had one, and we ended up playing an old favorite that has fallen out of favor lately.

When my birthday present was a copy of the brand new Fallout 3 game for the PC, I was stoked. Unfortunately, I spent the whole afternoon trying to figure out how to get the thing running... and I have still been unsuccessful. I can play long enough to get into a fight, and then the whole program crashes. UGH! Needless to say, I was bummed... so much so that any attempt at GMing would have been abysmal. Days like this one really make me wish someone else in our group was willing to GM every once in a while.

Normally, we play Magic: The Gathering when roleplaying doesn't work out, but after one game none of us were really having fun. Nobody brought cards, so we were all using my decks... just not fun.

Then we turned to the D&D Miniatures, which we had not played in over a year (at least), built 100 point warbands, and battled to the last man standing. I can't remember what everyone played (except that Matt had a behir and fighting Will's duergar and githzerai felt like playing Neverwinter Nights 2 again), but my warband consisted of the following:

2 Troll Slashers (28 points)
2 Orc Savages (7 points)
1 Drow Blademaster (22 points)
1 Lolth's Sting (7 points)

Matt would have won, but a series of statistical anomalies (like me calling a natural one for him and a natural twenty for me... back to back) led to my victory.

It is ironic that we are picking up the skirmish rules again just as they are getting tossed out the window by WotC. After an hour of battling things out under the outdated rules released with the Aberrations set, I have come to the following conclusions about D&D Miniatures:
  • I stopped playing the skirmish game and was only buying them for roleplaying, so if most other buyers were doing the same, this might have been the only way to save the product.
  • Skirmish rules need to keep getting support. Is it really that hard to add a point value and dumbed down stats to each new figure? Balance wouldn't even matter as much anymore without sanctioned tournament play.
  • I'm not sure why minis will be getting powers that aren't supported in the books... this attempt to add extra value to each pack just seems a little pathetic to me.
I wish Palladium Books would invest in a minis line like the D&D minis... but it would probably flop just like their collectible card game did...

All in all, this week's game night wasn't as bad as I thought it would be when it started and I was so mad about Fallout 3. Tune in next week for more updates on the adventures of Minos, Pyro, and Isaac.
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