Shadow's Apex Part 8: Name Flavor & Name Generators

Following the advice of Ray Winninger's Dungeoncraft articles, the next step in the design of the Shadow's Apex campaign setting is to develop some sort of naming system for characters. I personally like using names from archaic languages and various generators from the net. One of my favorite resources for generating names from real languages is It has several good things going for it. One, its page rank is high on google, so if you forget the site, it is very easy to find. Two, it has a nice selection of languages to choose from (and you can mix 'n match as well). And finally, the first name it popped up for me was Aron Illarion, which just sounds cool.

For now, we'll go ahead and establish a generator for each of the following races:
Drow (, and this site even gives meanings for each stem when names are created)
Elves (, using the Kagonesti filter)
Eladrin (, using the Tolkien Eldar style)
Humans and Tieflings (, a mix of Ancient Celtic, Celtic Mythology, and Norse Mythology)
Kender (, using the kender filter)
Dwarves (, using the Tolkien Baggins style... yes, I know that hobbits and dwarves are different!)
Dragonborn (, using any of the draconian filters)
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