Shadow's Apex Part 2: Mythology

Last time, I explained why I was putting my campaign on the chopping block, hacking it to bits, and putting it back together in hopes of better results. So far, all that is set in stone is the hook: the prime material will be merged with the Shadowfell if the PCs don't rise to the challenge and prevent it.

Now, with such a world-changing phenomenon on the horizon, it only makes sense that the world's movers and shakers will attempt to influence the course of events. Even those who want the merging to occur want to maneuver themselves so that they benefit from the event more than their rivals. And who are the biggest movers and shakers of them all? The divine powers.

I'm trying really hard to follow the first rule of dungeoncraft: don't create more than you need. This one is difficult because once the creative juices start flowing, I end up with a ton of info that I will probably never use. So for this exercise, I'm only going to start with a few of the powers. I may need more along the way, but for now I just want to establish the powers my players will likely want as patrons and the powers who will likely be associated with the villain and his allies.

Good Powers
Araleth Latheranil

Evil Powers

Unaligned Powers
Raven Queen

Okay, so far we have a few good and a few unaligned powers, along with the powers that will be associated with the primary villain(s). As is obvious, I am cherry picking powers from different established campaign settings. The Raven Queen and Moradin can be found in the 4E Player's Handbook, but the rest are from other sources (primarily the Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance campaign settings). I am cherry picking for two reasons: one, because these are all either my favorites or those that my players have expressed interest in; two, because I want a new pantheon without having to create new powers.

Looking back over the list, the first thing I notice is that there is no power for the wilderness characters and that there are several deities that my players will immediately question being left off the list ("Wait a minute... Vhaeraun but no Corellon and Lolth?).

I'll get around to filling in those blanks and answering those questions later.

Next time: More on the mythology and a little about the world as it is pre-campaign.
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