Argona Valdis

I really don't like the way I have approached the last few NPC Spotlight posts. In writing both, I felt restricted because I feared giving away too much information to my players (a few of whom actually read this from time to time). This time I'm focusing on an NPC that they may or may not even meet... and I'll post stats for the character at first level. This way, my players will still know more than I usually give them but they still won't know what tricks she might have up her sleeve that were unavailable to her at first level... and any readers who might find this useful can actually use it without having to do a bunch of work for the stats.

Argona Valdis is a second generation D-Bee on Rifts Earth. Her parents were druids from the Western Empire who were swept up in a freak rift and dumped in the alien swampland known as Dinosaur Swamp. They befriended the barbarian people that they first encountered and as the generations of humans came and went, the two elves rose to become the most respected members of the tribe.

A few years ago, a wandering shifter offered them the opportunity to return to their homeland, but Argona, daughter of the tribal leaders, decided to stay in the only home she had ever known: Rifts Earth. Despite her youthful appearance, Argona has stepped into her parents' role as a respected elder of the tribe since their departure. She is very protective of her people, defending them with a savage fury, the intensity of which is matched only by her compassion when tending to the wounded.

Real Name
: Argona Valdis
Aliases: none
Alignment: Unprincipled
Attributes: IQ 16, ME 14, MA 15, PS 11, PP 12, PE 9, PB 16, Spd 12
Hit Points: 14
SDC: 21
Weight: 130 lbs
Height: 5'5"
Age: 90
PPE: 72 ISP: 15
Disposition: Argona is distrustful of outsiders, but is a shrewd diplomat and is always looking for opportunities to improve the lives of her friends. Thus, while she may be tight-lipped and cautious, she is sociable and can be a valuable ally to those who have shown evidence of good intentions.
Race: Elf
Experience Level: 1st level Barbarian Eco-Wizard
Enemies: anyone or anything that threatens her tribe
Allies: the Ram tribe, which claims territory northeast of Char
Magic Knowledge: Knows Blinding Flash (1), Electric Arc (8), Globe of Daylight (2), Ignite Fire (6), Fuel Flame (5), Fire Bolt (7), Magic Shield (6), Manipulate Objects (2+), Energy Bolt (5), Create Wood (10+), Life Source (2+), and Power Weapon (35); can create eco-wizard devices (similar to techno-wizard devices but with natural materials instead of technology), spells are only half as effective as normal when not cast through an eco-wizard device
Psionic Powers: minor psionic: Commune with Spirits (6), Deaden Pain (4)
Attacks per Melee: 5 (Hand to Hand: Basic plus Elf bonus)
Abilities: Nightvision 90 ft, affinity with nature (sense weather changes, sense supernatural beings, sense direction of ley lines, half damage from lightning, and other bonuses)
Bonuses: +1 Dodge, +2 vs Horror Factor and possession, +1 Parry, +2 Pull Punch, +2 Roll with Punch/Impact, +1 Strike
Skills of Note: Fashion Weapons and Tools 40%, Holistic Medicine 40%, Wilderness Survival 47%
Weapon Proficiencies: Archery, Energy Pistol, Knife
Weapons and Armor: Argona carries a finely crafted longbow with a quiver full of SteelTree tipped arrows (2 MD), a survival knife (1d6 SDC), and a battered Wilk's Laser Pistol that she found on an explorer's half-eaten corpse (1d6 MD). She wears armor made of tanned dinosaur hide (28 MDC, cloak of darkness ability)
Money: carries no money in the traditional sense, but keeps several small but valuable trinkets on hand for bartering opportunities
Physical Description: Argona appears to be in her mid twenties. She is beautiful by human standards, with a slight frame and soft features.
Sources: Rifts Ultimate Edition, Rifts Conversion Book 1, Rifts World Book 26: Dinosaur Swamp
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