Last time I wrote an NPC Spotlight, it was Ghost to received all the attention. This time, it is one of Ghost's rivals, an archfiend from Dyval who now makes his home on Rifts Earth selling slaves to the Splugorth. This NPC's image was generated with Hero Machine, an old favorite of mine for creating character portraits. Please note that those are supposed to be red fangs... not lipstick... even though in lower-res it is hard to tell.

Real Name
: Unknown
Aliases: "The Devil"
Alignment: Unknown
Weight: 1100 lbs
Height: 15'
Age: Unknown, perhaps thousands of years
Disposition: Very confidant in his superiority over "lesser" races and quite arrogant.
Experience Level: Unknown
Enemies: Unknown
Allies: Maryanna (a dar'ota), a cyborg bodyguard, several fiends, and a small army of grave ghouls (a few dressed in tattered "dead boy" armor)
Magic Knowledge: Unknown
Psionic Powers: Unknown
Abilities: Unknown, though he speaks of having "talents that make mortals think me devilish"
Skills of Note: Unknown
Weapon Proficiencies: WP Sword
Weapons and Armor: Wears long flowing robes that hide any other clothing or armor he might wear, carries a greater rune sword that once belonged to Ghost

This particular character currently has the PCs a little on edge. They chose to travel all the way to Splynn to acquire a greater rune weapon to trade with him rather than fight... quite an unusual turn of events for my players.
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