Rifts Session Eight: Dimensional Shifting and Char

It has been quite some time since I posted last. Real life has taken up more of my time than usual, and though I've still been able to game, the metagaming just hasn't been convenient. Hopefully I'll be able to afford some spare time to write over the holiday break next week.

For now, an update on our adventures on Rifts Earth:

After making a deal with the creature known only as The Devil, the group began their journey east toward Atlantis. Unfortunately for the party, the journey was far from safe. Isaac and Minos hopped on Pyro's back and the hatchling dragon flew the group over the dimensional shifting zone of the Appalachians. In the d-shifting zone, the party found themselves shifted into a nocturnal setting for a few moments and later were pelted by a rain of boulders from the sky. They sustained only minor wounds, but the experience was unsettling at best.

As they emerged from the dimensional shifting zone and entered "safe" skies once again, the group gazed down upon a jungle-like wilderness as far as the eye could see, with a large expanse of strange silvery trees to the southeast and the outer shells of skyscrapers off in the distance.

Though they found the strange trees intriguing, Minos sought to visit the skyscrapers in hopes of replacing or repairing his damaged armor. The rest of the group agreed and after Pyro metamorphosed into human form, they entered the city of Char (resting amid the ruins of the city once known as Charlotte). The group was almost immediately approached by members of the Concrete Vipers, a local street gang, with offers of safe passage in exchange for weapons and/or equipment. It didn't take long for the players to realize that the biggest threat in the area was the Concrete Vipers themselves, and a firefight ensued, beginning in the streets and ending inside a nearby building as Pyro hid to avoid dying from his grievous wounds and Minos mopping up the gangsters who survived the first few rounds of combat.

After this, the party looted the corpses and left Char immediately, hoping to avoid any retaliation from Char's most notorious villainous organization.

Next time: Will the group remain in or around Char long enough for the Concrete Vipers to avenge their dead? Will the group investigate the strange forest? Will any notable NPCs show up this far east?

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