Rifts Session Seven: A Deal with the Devil?

When we left off, the party had gone in search of a rune sword that their patron wanted returned. They defeated a pair of warlock marines and we ended the session with both a prisoner to interrogate and a base of operations to plunder. Instead of continuing their search for the sword, they immediately took the prisoner back to Ghost.

They were not received as they anticipated. Ghost was disgusted with the half-finished job (keep in mind that this mission was for the party to prove their worth to Ghost's organization). With this cue, the party interrogated the prisoner and got back to the task at hand, learning that the warlock marines had traded the rune sword to a being that they called the devil. The prisoner agreed to give the group the coordinates of the devil's lair but refused to return even if it meant losing his life.

After negotiating their way past several of the devil's guardians (a dar'ota, a cyborg, and a fiend), they came face to face with a fifteen foot tall shadowy figure clad in dark robes, an archfiend. The group soon realized that there were only two ways to acquire the rune sword: taking it by force or replacing it with a similar weapon.

After a fierce debate that ended with a simple vote, the party decided to replace the blade with one of equal power if the archfiend would only tell them were to find such a weapon. His reply was ominous, though the group has yet to see just how dangerous this mission will be. "You can find such a weapon in Splynn."

And thus, the campaign has taken a turn toward Atlantis. This is going to get very interesting... assuming they survive the trip...

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