D&D or Rifts: New Campaign(s) Brewing?

With one less player, our weekly game night may be in for a reshuffling.  We have been playing Rifts almost weekly since mid September, but we are losing one third of the party at least semi-permanently.  Though I'm not completely sure that the Rifts game will lose momentum, it does seem like an ideal time for the group to change directions... especially considering that my brother's girlfriend has expressed some interest in playing D&D.  It seems such a waste not to play D&D with an eager recruit ready to go.

In any case, I'd like to see the Rifts campaign at least come to a decent stopping point, perhaps with the return of the rune sword to Ghost and safe passage to Phase World.  Of course, I was planning to throw a few more wrenches into those plans, but we shall see.

This week's game night will no doubt be the gauge of how we will continue, and how we continue will play a major role in what content ends up on this site... so stay tuned.
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