Rifts Session Eleven: Contest of Champions

Because the players played "stump the GM" at the end of the last session, I was determined to come prepared this time.  The question, which called for specific items from a junk pile, threw me off, but I returned with a Rifts life saver: lists of random items straight from the Palladium Books forums.  Unfortunately, since these are fan created, they don't strictly adhere to the Rifts megaverse (a G.E.C.K. is on one of the tables, for example).  However, there are nearly a thousand items to choose from or roll for on the list, most of which truly belong in a junk pile... PERFECT!

After a few rolls, the players got bored with the random junk and moved on (I was so excited about the table full of random junk, but it was a dud at the table).  Almost immediately, they get the break that they've been looking for: a rune sword advertised in public.  There is but one catch: it is not for sale... it is the prize for next week's Contest of Champions.  The party would need to win a few fights in the gladiatorial arena in order to get an official invitation.

They signed up and entered their first match not knowing what to expect, and were introduced as the "Tifecta Erecta!" (They decided to be like the Fantastic Four but with only three members, and this is the best they could come up with...)

Across the gigantic arena, a murvola metzla floated out to do battle.  This monstrous tentacled being put up quite a fight, but surrendered after losing all nine of its eyes to called shots from our new plasma-based superhuman party member (details later... played by Will but I don't have the character sheet and can't remember the name).

The prize for this fight?  Bio-wizard implants to be detailed further at a later date.  Hopefully our minotaur vagabond will take advantage of this opportunity to catch up to the superhumans in power level.

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