Rifts Session Nine: Pterodactyls, Naruni Agents, and Another Casualty

PterodactylImage via WikipediaThis week's session started with a simple objective: get away from Char and closer to Atlantis.

The first event to slow down the trip was a visit by a pair of Naruni Repo-Bots. These intimidating enforcers showed up for payment, but instead of demanding a cash sum they surprised the party by offering a somewhat mercenary payment. The Naruni agreed to forgive their payment if the party agreed to cause an equal amount of damage while in Splynn and bring back proof of their actions. The group readily agreed.

The second event to slow down the trip was much more violent and threw a much larger kink in the group's plans. When the group reached the coast, they were attacked by a group of leatherwings (pterodactyl-like dinosaurs), their first encounter with the deadly creatures from which Dinosaur Swamp got its name. During the battle, Pyro the fire dragon hatchling was overcome by his injuries and perished despite a valiant attempt by the other characters to keep hungry leatherwings from devouring his unconscious form.

By the end of the night, Isaac and Minos found themselves on the coast ready to fly across the ocean on dragonback, but with their dragon in a broken heap on the beach. Alas, they would need to return to Char in order to procure some new method of traveling across the Atlantic.

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