Rifts Session Ten: Decisions, Decisions

The majority of last week's session consisted mainly of heated discussion over how to continue.  When Pyro the fire dragon hatchling perished in session nine, he took the party's plan for crossing the Atlantic with him to the grave.  All of the following options were discussed, among others that I've probably forgotten:
  • Getting captured intentionally by a Splugorth slaver
  • Do mercenary work to raise funds for transportation
  • Call in the Naruni for assistance
Finally someone said, "Why don't we just buy grav-packs?"  And thus, a fairly inexpensive (and safe) alternative was born.

The trip across the Atlantic was fairly uneventful.  The party avoided an encounter with some Horune pirates and navigated to Splynn with no other inconveniences.

In Splynn, the party endured some verbal attacks but didn't enter any physical confrontations.  The businessmen and Splugorth minions the party came into contact with just assumed they were slaves on an errand.  Their first attempt to purchase a rune sword led them to The Antique Weapons Dealer, a shop owned by Old West, a three eyed humanoid monster (whose fast talking rivals the Micro Machine guy).

After finding out that Old West didn't have a rune sword in stock, the party left and stumbled into Shack of Antiquities, in which they bargained with a trio of floopers (imagine a humanoid flumph... the comparison isn't exact... but the goofiness matches perfectly).

"The Shack" is essentially a giant indoor junk pile in which someone patient enough might find a bit of treasure. Unfortunately, the GM (me) didn't come prepared to describe all this junk in detail, so a simple question like "So what kind of stuff can we find in here?" could have been deflected easily but anything more specific left
 me stumped.  And stumped is where we left off, with the party digging through mounds of junk in Shack of Antiquities, waiting patiently for the GM to come up with some odd items to find in a junk pile.

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