Eric's Campaign

"Hoorah!" for being on the other side of the DM's screen!

Last week, with less than an hour of prep time, my brother Eric concocted an interesting story.  We began by visiting the tavern, looking for wenches (couldn't help a few Dead Alewives references), hearing rumors about a nearby town with whom trade had recently ceased under mysterious circumstances, and asking for work.  Unfortunately, before we ever actually found any work or were able to follow up on that rumor, a man with an arrow in his back burst into the room and mumbled something about skeletons before his undead pursuers followed him into the room and a call for initiative was made.

After destroying the skeletons, we tracked them back to their lair expecting to find a fledgling necromancer.  Instead, after beating up some more skeletons, we found a ghostly mage claiming that he was being controlled by a greater power.  He disappeared before we could ask too many questions, so we descended deeper into the caves, eventually finding a room with a sarcophagus.  We assume that the mage's body is in there, but we don't know yet because the sarcophagus room was heavily guarded and we had to stop play as soon as we defeated the guardians.

All in all, I started out thinking the story was going to be super-cliche, but considering the amount of prep time I didn't really expect much more.  Fortunately, the twist kept things interesting.  Considering my brother's inexperience as a DM, I have to give him two thumbs up for a last minute virgin DM game night.

If you're reading this, thanks for a great game, bro.  Hope we were easy enough on you for your first time!
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