I Get to Play? Sweet!

I've mentioned in several posts over the last week or so that a new D&D campaign was brewing, but I never saw this coming.  Someone else in my gaming group has agreed to be the DM.  Despite the fact that the last time I wrote about my brother I was poking fun at him, he has definitely elevated himself to heroic status with his agreement to run the game next week.  I probably shouldn't get too excited.  The last time he mentioned running a campaign, I ended up with this.  Hopefully any work that I do this time won't go to waste.

Potential waste of energy or not, I am excited beyond belief because I honestly can't remember the last time I actually got to play a roleplaying game.  Sure, life behind the screen is awesome, but every once in a while it has to be nice to play the game without all of the pre-game responsibilities.

4th Edition D&D is the system.  The setting?  That hasn't been detailed yet, but I think it is safe to assume that my brother will follow the First Rule of Dungeoncraft (never create more than you must) and stick with just a small town and a dungeon.

The only question is... now that I will/might actually get to play, should I go back to one of the drow I was planning on using last year?  Should I go with a personality-based archetype?  Should I come up with something new?

Decisions, decisions...

When I do decide what I want to play, I'll post the character info and sheet.  Suggestions are more than welcome!
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