Play by Comment Game?

The PIP-Boy 3000, displaying the player's skil...Image via WikipediaBetween a busy schedule and our game night getting canceled several weeks in a row, I haven't had the time or the motivation to write much about gaming lately.  Once again, what little time I've had for games has been blown on Fallout 3 because I just can't seem to get all of the guys together at the same time.  But computer RPGs like Fallout 3 are only a temporary fix. I always get irritated with the lack of complete freedom and start looking for online options.

In my most recent searches, I stumbled upon a blog called Play-By-Comment and I think it would be really interesting to replicate this obviously successful formula for online gaming.  They've been going since 2006, a lot longer than most play-by-post games that fizzle within the first few weeks or months.

Even though our group has barely gamed any recently, we seem to be drifting back towards D&D, so giving Rifts a go for a comment-based game sounds fun considering how rules-light the comment game style appears to be. The old Palladium clunker can take a back seat while the awesome setting comes to the forefront.

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