The Trouble I Got Myself Into Using Character Builder

Well, for all the griping I've done about the trouble I've had getting Character Builder to work on my laptop, it does work on my desktop so I used it this week to generate my character sheet for my brother's campaign.  I was really happy with the character, a dwarf warlock.  There is one thing about the Character Builder that didn't occur to me until our first fight.  First, let me show you the sheet:

Notice anything glaringly wrong about this character?

DM (Eric): What's your AC?

Me: Eleven........... ELEVEN?!?!?!

I think my jaw dropped to the floor.  Because Character Builder makes the process so easy, I've got a feeling oversights like this will be common at our table.  If I had been doing the calculations myself, I would have surely taken note of this.  Unfortunately, in my haste, I didn't notice how lopsided my ability scores were (well, actually I did notice, but I wanted a high wisdom for cleric multiclassing and forgot how much of an impact Dex/Int has on AC for lightly armored characters).  Not only that, but I clicked "Auto-Pick" for equipment and wasn't even wearing armor when we entered that creepy "breeding ground for undead" cave.

With that said, I did manage so survive the first adventure even with an 11 AC, thanks to some good rolls and the temporary HP from Dark One's Blessing and Armor of Agathys. 

Next time, I'll go into a little more detail about my brother's new campaign.  He didn't have time to prepare, so he threw everything together while we were rolling up characters (which, like I said, is insanely quick with Character Builder) and pulled off a great first session.
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