4E for the Wifey

My wife has been trying to force me to attend a "Clue" party in the near future. In this type of party, each person picks up a persona and the game of Clue is somehow acted out in such a way that by the end of the party you know the murderer. I don't know exactly how it works... but it sounds a lot like live action role playing. In hopes of dissuading her, I tried to explain how she was plunging us both into the world of LARPing and I showed her a clip from Mama's Boy to emphasize the path she was starting down.

It didn't work. In the end, I agreed... on one condition. "If you force me to be a LARPer, you have to play D&D once for every LARP-party you make me attend." I don't think she liked it too much, but she conceded. It isn't that she hates gaming. She plays Magic: The Gathering with us pretty consistently and she's becoming more and more a Wii nerd every day. Its that she claims she has no creativity or imagination. How do you argue against that?

Now I'm stuck trying to figure out the best way to introduce her to the game. I know I'll use 4th edition (because the goal is getting her interested enough to play with the rest of the group and that's what we've been using lately). I'll probably use pregenerated characters (go Character Builder!). Beyond that I'm undecided. Perhaps a pretty linear dungeon with a few monsters, a few traps, and a simple skill challenge?

In any case, I've got some time to ponder because the "Clue" party doesn't look like it will happen too soon. For now, I just want the community's opinion.

Have you ever attempted to get your non-D&D (but gamer-friendly) significant other into D&D? What was successful? What failed miserably? Any funny stories?
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