A Brief Character History: Moro Dwor

In Eric's Campaign (which I recently took over and will soon hand over to Matt... confusing, I know), I'm playing a dwarf named Moro Dwor. He's a multiclass warlock/cleric, a combination that I felt I could utilize to make the best use of the dwarf race's two ability bonuses, and that would make for an interesting story. And after some thought, I came up with the following:

                Moro idolized his father for many years as a child.  He saw his father rise in reputation and social status among the clerics of Moradin.  He saw the prestige that his father earned as a part of the organization.  Though he knew the notion was foolish, he envied his father’s accomplishments and wished to emulate them before attaining the age or experience that his father possessed.  Still, notions were only notions, and the lessons he had been taught were deeply ingrained in his mind. 
At night, voices beckoned him to accept power.  He needn’t do anything but accept it and it would be his.  He could be respected and powerful just like his father.  Moro knew better, knew that there would be strings attached, knew that respect could only truly be gained through duty and loyalty to his clan, knew that the power offered to him was only a substitute for his true desires. 
But eventually, the whispered promises began to eat away at his resolve.  Impatience gnawed at him.  Only the resilience granted to him by his dwarven heritage kept him from giving in to the nightly temptations.  But eventually even those with the strongest willpower can be cracked.  Moro is a perfect example.  When his clan’s stronghold fell under attack, the frequency and urgency of the whispers increased, offering him the means to save his people from certain destruction.
The opportunity to become a hero was too tempting to resist and Moro finally accepted the offer.  He fought valiantly in the final battle and his people were saved, but as soon as the fight ended and he saw his father’s face, he knew his intentions had backfired.  He was indeed a key player in that battle, but his presence was not necessary for the dwarves to win the day.  Instead, he had drawn attention to himself with his blasts of eldritch energy that so clearly contrasted the bursts of radiance with which the clerics of Moradin fought.
His newfound power was not linked to Moradin.  It was something else, something unnatural, something unsettling to his father and to the other clerics.  “Consorting with evil spirits” was the charge that soon resulted in Moro’s exile, but even though his family rejected him, Moradin has not deemed him a lost cause yet.  He can still call on Moradin for healing, and perhaps as he proves his worth on the road, Moradin will forgive his transgressions and empower him with the means to achieve what his father did: power, prestige, and respect within the dwarven community.

Primary inspiration for this character's history: Elaine Cunningham's Liriel Baenre
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