Eliat Greenflame

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Eliat Greenflame was a DMPC that I ran in the Age of Worms campaign before a TPK and the excitement of 4e stopped us from completing it. As I have said before, I'm a big fan of optimization, and this guy is no exception. He was, however, mainly a support character, so no matter how efficient he was, he rarely stole the spotlight because his niche was improving the rolls of the other characters and saving their behinds with healing (because the party didn't have a cleric). The stats reflect Amras just before the session in which he and the rest of his companions were killed.

Eliat began his career as a happy-go-lucky minstrel, silent except when cracking jokes. He had always paid lip service to Tymora, thinking that her good luck coupled with his good looks would get him through whatever life threw at him. However, when he began discovering clues that the Age of Worms was at hand, his faith took on a little more substance and he devoted more of his time to perfecting his magical and musical craft as well as seeing to it that his fate in the afterlife would be assured. Later in his career, Tymora informed him that it was his destiny to assist the heroes who would strike back against the minions of Kyuss as a member of the fellowship of the jade phoenix (replacing that souldrake monstrosity mentioned in the flavor text with Kyuss to better tie him into the storyline).

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