Shivera, the Psionic White Dragon Hatchling

I needed this creature to fill a niche in the campaign, in which my brother created a character (the ghostly mage) and I added to his story (that he was being controlled by something more sinister), and then I realized that in order to wrap things up so that Matt could have complete control over the story, I needed to wrap up that plot line. I briefly considered using a mind flayer, but I just couldn't bring myself to use such an obvious villain. "Ho, hum, someone's doing some mind controlling, so there is probably a mind flayer around." Instead, I decided to put together something a little less obvious, and I came up with Shivera.

Shivera is a small white dragon born with extraordinary powers of the mind that even she doesn't fully comprehend. She might be the experiment of some deranged wizard or mind flayer, but she cares little. All she knows (and cares about) is that her ability to influence the thoughts of others is an advantage she relishes.

The head of a small band of kobolds, Shivera has invaded and usurped control of an elderly mage's mansion. Because the mansion was so secluded, its new owner has gone undiscovered until recently, when Shivera expanded her realm of control to include the mage's former apprentice, which attracted the attention of our adventurers. With the ability to control the minds of others, Shivera might be destined for greatness (more likely infamy) if she can avoid being killed before she matures.
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