Player's Handbook 2: To Buy or Not to Buy

Although I haven't seen a physical copy yet (and seeing a physical copy sparks my consumer temptation more than anything), as of right now I have no intention of buying the Player's Handbook 2. Is it that I don't care what's in it? Do I think it is a poor product? Of course not. The previews have been pretty cool (especially the zealous assassin that I can use for an updated Darkmask). I just can't bring myself to shell out an extra $20+ for stuff I'll be getting with the next update of the Character Builder. Granted, I'm paying good money for that program considering I get little use out of the rest of my D&D Insider subscription, but if it makes me not want to buy the books, is it going to benefit Wizards of the Coast financially? I guess it will if the profit from my subscription payment is the same or higher than the profit they would have made from my purchase of the book, but it just seems counterproductive to me. I guess they'll make plenty of money on accessories that don't get 99% of their content added to Character Builder.

Oh well. I guess it isn't really my concern unless they stop cranking out the accessories and updates.
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