Shadow's Apex Part 21: Where Are These Races?

So far, we have a list of races and a map. Now it is time to make some notes about where the largest populations of each race live. You can check out the map here.

Population by Location:
Anesian Wasteland - According to legend, this land was once the home to a powerful human nation called Anesia. Some magical catastrophe caused the land to dry up and the survivors to scatter. Now the land is inhabited by nomadic humans and an outcast tribe of lizard men who left their marshy homeland for the desert life.
Barren Valley - This valley was far from barren years ago, but it was overrun by a horde of orcs and ogre magi. Today, the barren valley is far from safe for anyone without orc or ogre blood, and the inhabitants support themselves by supporting a huge slave population (mostly human and half-orc).
Bloody Bayou - Sages debate over whether this stretch of swampland was named after the red clay that gives the standing water a distinctive tint or the massacre that took place as Anesian refugees were slaughtered by lizard men as they fled the catastrophe that left their homeland in ruins.
Coppervine Forest - Though the elves and eladrin who inhabit this deep forest have lived there for hundreds (perhaps thousands) of years, they still speak fondly of an ancestral homeland somewhere far to the west. They maintain a shaky peace treaty with the gnolls who also inhabit the forest, one that few outside the ruling bodies of each group fully comprehend.
Drake's Hoard Mountains - Named after the dragon's hoard that supposedly rests somewhere deep in this mountain range, very few adventurers who have ever searched for it have returned to tell the tale. In the last few decades, exploring the mountains has been even more difficult than before because the Barren Valley stands between the dragon's hoard and most of civilization.
Foothills - This long stretch of rolling hills isn't the home of any particular civilization. Instead, much of it is untamed wilderness with nearby nations spilling over into the rolling countryside.
Garrotten - This small town lies south of Verge in the fertile coastal plains. It is a town of transient outcasts, mostly human but the home of a handful of nearly any race imaginable.
Greengleam Valley - This valley is the secluded home of the minotaurs, and few would even know of its existence if not for the minotaur tradition of sending adolescents into the outside world for a few years before returning for their coming of age ceremony.
Metsawood - A small untamed woodland compared to the Coppervine Forest to the south, the elves who live here are more reclusive than most and are considered little better than savages by the elves and eladrin of Coppervine.
Pallid Sea - The sand on the beaches of the Pallid Sea is bleach white and especially fine, so much so that the slightest disturbance makes the water appear almost milky in color.
Saari Isles - These islands are sanctuaries for pirates who prey on the populace of the coastal plain. Because commerce is slow, they specialize in kidnapping, ransoms, and the slave trade rather than the theft that supported their piracy when Anesia still held power.
Saltmarsh - This town lies on the edge of the Bloody Bayou and surprises many natives of the region with its ability to prosper in the shadow of the lizard men of the swampland. Although the occasional skirmish is fought between the lizard men and the town militia, no one knows why the lizard men leave the humans and their allies alone.
Twin Peaks - Aarakocra and kenku compete over these two towering peaks.
Verge - This town is home to many of the so-called goodly races. Humans are the most populous, but many races can be found here, particularly in and around the marketplace.
Vuoristos - Deep within these mountains, three dwarf kingdoms compete for resources. Aboveground, dragonborn inhabit the eastern side of the mountains and the orcs and ogres inhabit the regions bordering the Barren Valley.
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