Tim Duncan = My Hero

Photo of action during a w:San Antonio Spurs (...It isn't often that you hear about a really athletic D&D player or a professional athlete who plays RPGs. The two pursuits are stereotypically considered opposites. In fact, few people believe me when I tell them that the group of guys that I gamed with in high school was made up almost entirely of basketball players. Any real conversation about gaming also requires getting past a few "Seriously?" and "You're kidding!" comments every time I tell someone that I play D&D. I guess I just don't fit the mold.

In any case, finding out that Tim Duncan plays D&D and has a Merlin tattoo put a little bounce in my step. It is always cool to find out that an athlete also enjoys the same game that I do, especially since he's an athlete that I've enjoyed seeing on the court since he played at Wake Forest just a few miles down I-40 from my hometown. I wonder how badly he wanted to be drafted by the Washington Wizards?

Tim Duncan = My Hero
(even more now with the Merlin tat)

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