48 Hour Design Challenge Entry: High School Havoc

The last time I tried to "create" an RPG I was in elementary school, my 1st edition Dungeons and Dragons books had gotten away from me (I'll explain better some other time), and I was trying to recreate D&D from memory. However, Wild Die's 48 Hour RPG Challenge sparked my interest and I started thinking about what kind of RPG would be as far out of the box as I could get while still being moderately interesting.

I created High School Havoc with the intention of allowing older folks to reenact their favorite moments as teenagers and/or roleplay the crazy stunts they only dreamed of doing when they were teenagers. The rules are simple and the presentation is about as horrible as I can tolerate, but I just didn't manage to get as much accomplished as I intended. Either way, I present to you a new roleplaying game designed in 48 hours (actually, more like 3... but who's counting?):

High School Havoc (docx)
High School Havoc (pdf)

Table of Contents
  • Concept
  • Character Creation
  • Attributes
  • Roles
  • How to Play
  • Getting Started
  • Grades
  • Growing Up
  • Gaining Levels
  • Seniority
  • Losing
  • Game Master Section
  • Creating NPCs
  • Sample NPCs
  • Sample Plot Hooks
  • Nerd Plot Hooks
  • Athlete Plot Hooks
  • Social Scene Plot Hooks
  • Character Sheet
I hope you find this quickly-thrown-together game refreshing... it is definitely not your typical high fantasy or science fiction RPG.
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