Wednesday, April 15, 2009

48 Hour Design Challenge Entry: High School Havoc

The last time I tried to "create" an RPG I was in elementary school, my 1st edition Dungeons and Dragons books had gotten away from me (I'll explain better some other time), and I was trying to recreate D&D from memory. However, Wild Die's 48 Hour RPG Challenge sparked my interest and I started thinking about what kind of RPG would be as far out of the box as I could get while still being moderately interesting.

I created High School Havoc with the intention of allowing older folks to reenact their favorite moments as teenagers and/or roleplay the crazy stunts they only dreamed of doing when they were teenagers. The rules are simple and the presentation is about as horrible as I can tolerate, but I just didn't manage to get as much accomplished as I intended. Either way, I present to you a new roleplaying game designed in 48 hours (actually, more like 3... but who's counting?):

High School Havoc (docx)
High School Havoc (pdf)

Table of Contents
  • Concept
  • Character Creation
  • Attributes
  • Roles
  • How to Play
  • Getting Started
  • Grades
  • Growing Up
  • Gaining Levels
  • Seniority
  • Losing
  • Game Master Section
  • Creating NPCs
  • Sample NPCs
  • Sample Plot Hooks
  • Nerd Plot Hooks
  • Athlete Plot Hooks
  • Social Scene Plot Hooks
  • Character Sheet
I hope you find this quickly-thrown-together game refreshing... it is definitely not your typical high fantasy or science fiction RPG.


  1. As someone who was in high school a lot more recently than you were, all I can do is cringe. Nothing to do with your game design, mind; just the idea of going back. (I loved high school. Truly.)

  2. I'm actually a lot closer to high school than you'd think... I'm a teacher. The game is meant to encourage players to roleplay through all of the pranks that they wished they had done when still in school. Wish you had hidden an egg in the back of a teacher's class on Friday and then see peoples' reactions on Monday? High School Havoc lets you do it!

    That said, it really wouldn't bother me for folks to cringe at the game design... I had never done this before and I'm HORRIBLE! :-)


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