Alara Reborn Cards Spoiled: Finest Hour, Ardent Plea, Cerodon Yearling, Sanity Gnawers, and Crystallization

Five new cards hit the MTG Salvation's Alara Reborn spoiler page yesterday. This batch is more interesting than Friday's, in my humble opinion. For one, three of the five are either green or fit into a deck that features green. That helps grab my attention. Unfortunately, only one of the five sports a picture, which means that the other four may or may not have been spoiled correctly. Ardent Plea, in particular, looks unfinished to me. As spoiled, it is an enchantment for 1UW that has Exalted and Cascade. I guess those two effects are enough, but it just seems too... simple. Perhaps this is an example of the elegant design that Mark Rosewater spoke of once upon a time.

The card that does include an image is quite intriguing. Finest Hour seems odd outside of red, as red has historically been the most likely to grant an extra attack phase. However, the flavor is just right. It features the Exalted mechanic, of which I'm a big fan, and it's an enchantment so it's not quite as fragile as a creature. I like it... admittedly not as much as I like Maelstrom Pulse, but that's a different matter entirely.

Total # of cards spoiled: 50/145
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