Alara Reborn Spoiler Update: Too Many Previews!

I've gotten behind today. A ton of new cards have been spoiled and I've barely had time to look at the list. I can say that there are a few cards that immediately caught my attention.

Dauntless Escort reminds me of a no-life-gaining Loxodon Hierarch. He makes things indestructible instead of regenerating them, but the idea is the same. He's also a big body for the cost.

Knotvine Paladin has a sort of super-Exalted ability. As long as he's attacking alone, you get to pretend that all of your creatures have Exalted, and any Exalted creatures you have count for double.

Behemoth Sledge is like a Loxodon Warhammer, but it actually forces you to use the colors that make sense for the abilities. Trample and life gain? Must be green and white. Other than the color requirements, it costs the same as everyone's favorite hammer, but it trades a point of power for two points of toughness. Honestly... I would usually rather have the extra power (and the easier mana cost). Either way, I doubt this will see much play in serious tournaments, but you can bet it'll make its way to many a multiplayer game.
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