D&D: Star Trek Voyager Style

I don't remember exactly when this thought process started, but I haven't been able to shake the idea since it hit me. I'm no hardcore Trekkie, but I do remember Star Trek Voyager having an interesting storyline. In a nutshell, a Federation ship encounters some space anomaly and gets sent an insane distance away from home. The show revolved around the crew's attempts to get back to Earth, detailing all the different obstacles and hardships between them and home.

While running a similar campaign in a space opera setting (such as Phase World or Star Wars) might be interesting, the settings just seem too similar for it to feel fresh and new. But how would it translate into an RPG like Dungeons and Dragons? I'm not quite sure, but I'm thinking about at least giving the idea a run through my preliminary campaign design brainstorming exercises. My initial thoughts involve an Underdark campaign. Sending the characters miles and miles straight down would be interesting, and the climb would certainly be hazardous!

Any thoughts?

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