Game Night Derailed Again (Many More Posts Like This and I'll Have Nothing to Write About)

It has now literally been months since I've played an RPG of any kind. Part of my absence has been my wife's health, but I never had a problem missing game night for her... she was worth it. The main problem has been all of the "real life" things that are necessary, but that (to me, at least) just aren't as important as gaming. In my utopia, work doesn't exist and everybody's lives revolve around God, girls, gaming, and basketball. (Its a shame I couldn't think of a word for basketball that started with a "G" to keep the alliteration going.) What I wouldn't do to live in that world...

In any case, game night didn't happen this week for several reasons. My brother's girlfriend drama was part of it, but I can't place the blame solely on him. We usually start game night around 7:00, so I decided to take a power nap around 4:30. That power nap lasted until after 8:00, so Matt was downstairs waiting on me to wake up and Eric was off trying to settle things with his girl and her friends. What a mess.

Hopefully next Tuesday will work out better. I had intended to post a play report today, but that's tough without actually playing. I did learn some interesting things on our game night gone awry:
  • Stouffer's Lasagna is pretty good freezer food, even when it has been sitting on the counter for 30 minutes because you slept through dinner.
  • The Departed is a pretty decent movie even if it does have Leo DeCrapio in it.
  • Having friends & family who are understanding is awesome. Thanks guys.
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