Getting Back Online With Magic Online III

I haven't messed with Magic Online too much since they booted me out for having an indecent screen name (KikUSquaNtheNuts = kick you squa' in the nuts... from the Tooth Fairy Tats episode of South Park). I guess I didn't read the Terms & Conditions agreement closely enough. Oh well.

Nevertheless, I have decided to jump back into the game, so I started a new account yesterday. I grabbed two starter packs (the Bant starter pack from Shards of Alara and the Bant starter pack from Conflux), mashed the two together, pulled out all of the crap, and started playing. I ended up with this deck list:

4 Seaside Citadel
2 Bant Panorama
2 Terramorphic Expanse
8 Plains
4 Forest
4 Island

1 Battlegrace Angel
2 Aven Squire
1 Giltspire Avenger
2 Steward of Valeron
1 Deft Duelist
3 Rhox War Monk
1 Jhessian Balmgiver
2 Rhox Meditant
1 Knight-Captain of Eos
2 Rhox Bodyguard
1 Frontline Sage
2 Akrasan Squire
2 Guardians of Akrasa
2 Knight of the Skyward Eye
1 Waveskimmer Aven
1 Sigiled Paladin

2 Gleam of Resistance
4 Pacifism1 Call to Heel
1 Bant Charm
1 Lapse of Certainty
2 Excommunicate

It just happens to be a really crude white weenie-ish aggro deck based on the new Exalted mechanic from Shards of Alara.

My first two games were really disappointing but for entirely different reasons. The first game never really got off of the ground. Neither of us had played anything but lands when my opponent lost his connection and (after waiting a few minutes to see if he would return) I had to find another game. The second was full of errors on my part due to lack of familiarity with both the cards and the interface. I did get started well, with a quick Akrasan Squire, Rhox War Monk, and Battlegrace Angel. But then I miscalculated combat damage twice, which resulted in me losing an attacker on both occasions. I also forgot to distribute combat damage once, which resulted in one blocker staying alive when I had enough damage on the board to off him. And then there were the numerous errors I'd rather not admit to making...

But to have played the game as little as I have recently (which is to say, not at all since early November) and to be learning the new Magic Online III interface, I don't think I did half bad. In fact, as much as I hate to lose (especially when those losses involve stupid errors on my part), I actually had a bit of fun. I think I'll play online a little more often. For anyone interested, my Magic Online screen name is theoutsyder83. Look me up!

In the meantime... I'll need to get rid of those Rhox Bodyguards... they cost too much for what they do.
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