Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gridded Posters, a Cheap Miniatures Accessory

This post on Roleplaying Pro reminded me of a gaming tool/accessory that I discovered at the local Wal-Mart the other day. I purchased it, brought it home, and promptly forgot about it until John's post reminded me.

These posters are white but have a very lightly shaded 1/2 inch grid. The grid is easy to spot when you're close but much less noticable when at a distance, and the grid size is perfect for play with minis... each 2x2 section is a perfect one inch square.

I briefly flirted with the idea of creating a few unique battle maps for the last session of our shared game that I'll be running (at least for a while), and I still might. However, I might keep them clean and use them in tandem with Appendix A: Random Dungeon Generation from the first edition DMG. Perhaps we can run a DM-less dungeon romp the next time we only have two people show up for game night...

Regardless of how I use them, I'll post as soon as I get a chance and let everyone know whether they're worth the money. Considering how cheap they were... my guess is that they will have been a worthwhile investment.


  1. Another great way to use this gridded posterboard is to throw a sheet of clear acetate over it and draw on it with dry-erase markers. Voila - dungeon tiles on-demand.

  2. Whatever you do don't try drawing a map out during a game. The lines on the paper are so light it's nearly impossible to see and the slick surface causes many inks to run and smudge on the paper.

    If you can get a pen that doesn't smudge and draw out the grid lines ahead of time, or make a dot on the intersections(which may look better) then throw a sheet of clear acetate as wicked murph suggests you're good to go.

    They are also as you say great for making premade dungeon tiles which is what I ended using them for.


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