Maelstrom Pulse = Super Vindicate

Let's face it... Vindicate is awesome. I've like Vindicate since I first saw it, but it has been expensive enough (and not green enough) that I've always sold every copy I've gotten without playing it. Now what does Wizards do? They make a better Vindicate and put green in the mana cost!

One of today's Alara Reborn previews is Maelstrom Pulse. What makes Maelstrom Pulse better? In a word, potential. Most of the time, the cards will be functionally identical except for color. Pay three, kill something. Vindicate can kill lands and I guess that can be an advantage, but Maelstrom Pulse has the potential to create card advantage by destroying more than one permanent. That, I like. And it is green. I'm sold.
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