MTGO Traders Blesses Me With Great Customer Service

It didn't take me long to get tired of that Bant preconstructed mishmash that I threw together yesterday. I didn't think the Spike in me would come out so quickly. So I did something really out of character for me... I bought a bunch of cards without selling anything on eBay first. A while back, when I was much more in touch with the game, I vowed never to spend "new money" on Magic again. By new money, I meant money that I didn't gain as a perk to playing the game. And for a long time, I didn't spend anything on the hobby except for entry fees. Every new card I got was either given to me, traded for, or was purchased using money from selling cards on eBay. Unfortunately, when you haven't played competitively in years, getting back into the game and holding to that vow are nigh impossible. Actually, it probably isn't impossible, but I'm nowhere near patient enough to do it.

Purchasing from the WotC store is the simplest way to buy cards as long as you want booster or tournament packs, but the marketplace has much better deals and the infobot is a great resource. It was the infobot that led me to MTGO Traders, and I was highly impressed with both the MTGO Traders website and with the rapid response (and quality) of their customer service. I made the mistake of purchasing enough store credits for a play set of Doran, The Siege Tower but didn't notice that the inventory on their site showed that they were out of stock. Most Magic Online sellers that I've dealt with in the past would have just said, "Sorry, bud. Out of stock. Check the site before you buy next time." Honestly, that's what I expected. I really should have paid better attention to their site before I spent money. The fault was my own.

MTGO Traders, however, was gracious enough to find the cards for me and correct my mistake. How awesome is that? They've definitely earned my future business, and they have my highest recommendation. I know that most of my readers are much more into RPGs than card games, but if you ever decide to make the leap, check out MTGO Traders before you buy from anyone else.

Check out the MTGO Traders website by clicking here, or add them as a buddy in the Magic Online program by clicking the Add Buddy button on the right sidebar and typing in CardCaddy, CardWareHouse, MTGOTradersBot, or MTGOTradersBot2.

Now, I'm back to the deck editor to put those Dorans to good use. I'll post my decklist sometime soon...
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