Friday, April 3, 2009

Updated: United States Map for the Rifts RPG

This is a low-res version of the map
in the link below.
Anyone who has ever picked up a Rifts supplement knows that the little black and white maps leave a lot to be desired. Fortunately, at least in a broad sense, the landforms are already familiar even if the settlements aren't. However, a detailed map of Rifts was always something that I thought I'd have to do myself... and I did make somewhat detailed maps on several occasions, usually by scanning a page from an atlas and then setting it as the background in a PowerPoint presentation before adding markers to designate points of interest.

However, I just stumbled on this map, which are much larger scale than anything I ever created, and appears to be accurate as far as I can tell. I've already downloaded it to my Campaign Maps folder on my laptop. I'm not sure when I'll play Rifts again (if ever), but it just feels good to know I've got maps that are much better than the Palladium published ones a mouse click away.

Update: Wow... just... wow... great maps on Quim's blog, Escamot Featherfall. Check them out! And check out his comment below for a few others. Thanks for the links, Quim.

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  1. Hi,

    I suggest you take a look on this sites (work in progess, not final ressolution):

    - These are maps made by me for my Rifts Atlas:

    - Other very good ones:

    Hope this helps.

  2. Thanks to you for your cheering words! They are appreciated :)

  3. No problem. Thanks for the great maps!

  4. fyi-the other links are dead. :>(

    1. Indeed, the map I linked to is now gone. You can find a similar one at:

      I just changed the link in the post to go to this map instead. Thanks for letting me know the link was broken!

  5. No maps at all except the last one. Fileden asks you to join, sounds like a scam.


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