Wednesday, April 8, 2009

WotC Reusing Miniatures Sculpts

I noticed on the April and Beyond previews that one of the "new" miniatures in DDM Heroes (the Arcane 2 set) looks suspiciously like a miniature that I already have...

I realize that I am only looking at small jpeg files, but it looks like these are exactly the same except for the paint... and the older paint job (the red one) looks better! I actually don't have a big problem with reusing sculpts. I'm a huge fan of Magic: The Gathering and we see reprints for that game in almost every new set. But come on, Wizards. If you're going to reuse minis, at least make the new look better than the old!


  1. You're right - the red one looks much better. Maybe that's not the final version? :-/

  2. Keep in mind that the 'Hero" miniatures will be released in non-random sets, so you'll never buy one of these without knowing it in advance. That's handy for people like me who never bought any random miniatures. I've only bought singles I could pick out myself.

  3. The new minis are suppose to have the paint job of the rares in the random sets which is supposedly better than their predecessor (if they were not rares).

    Waiting to see the final version of the reused (and younger version) of the Cleric of St. Cuhbert that I also own.

  4. From Divine Heroes preview:
    "The miniature process is a long one, and when we decided to go into the new model, we needed to pick up a few older sculpts to produce 18 PC figures. In each case, we're providing alternate paint jobs to make the figure stand out. The Female Eladrin Fighter in the Martial Heroes 2 box is a good example of how different a figure can look, but that's another preview. This Male Human Cleric is a much younger version of the Cleric of St. Cuthbert, released back in 2004."

  5. @Scot: Thanks for the link. I hadn't noticed the earlier preview. I still contend that the older paint jobs look better. Maybe the final versions will look better.

    @TMan: I bought some randomly when they were first released, but I quickly switched to eBay. I'll buy more directly now that they're in non-random sets... just don't like the paint job on that wizard (or that cleric).

  6. I know this is a late reply to this thread but have any of you heard when the second set of Players handbook figures will be released??

    I really need a (male) Dragonborn Paladin to represent my friends character. As it stands the only options on ebay are going for around $18 (Dragonborn Paladin of Bahamut).

    I also think Wizards really needs to release some kind of bargain packs too where you get a bunch of standard figures that you'll need regularily.

    Like say a pack containing, 5 Goblins, 5 skeltons, 5 Gnolls etc...

    Just bog standard stuff y'know...

    The only alternative for pre-painted stuff right now is the Reaper "Legendary Encounters" line... anyway!

  7. @krisb: Thanks for visiting. No problem on the late comment. The second set of divine heroes won't be released until July ( Until then, you could use one of these as a replacement:

    -The Baaz Draconian would probably be my first choice, but the Kapak could work if your friend intends to take the feat that gives the PC wings.
    -My second choice would be the Gold Champion (half-dragon). I can't recall for sure, but I think the gold champion is a male.

    Either of those you should be able to pick up from eBay for less than $10. I hope this helps.


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