May and Beyond Previews

I know these articles are purely advertisements, but dang it, I like 'em. I like getting excited about the new books coming out soon. In this preview article, Bart Carroll gives us a glimpse of Monster Manual Dangerous Delves, Monster Manual 2, Eberron Player's Guide, Divine Power, Eberron Campaign Guide, and some adventures I'll probably never purchase.

Random thoughts on these products:
  • I like that the new miniature sets are tied in name to books. Knowing that I won't get stuck with a bunch of Tordek duplicates if I buy a few packs is definitely a step in the right direction. I'm also glad to see that I actually like some of the monsters previewed in this article. I was woefully unimpressed with the Players Handbook Heroes sets. That Bonechill Chimera is nice...
  • Monster Manual 2 will probably be a no-purchase for me. I spend a lot more time on pages 184-185 of the Dungeon Masters Guide than I ever spend in the Monster Manual.
  • I've never actually played an Eberron campaign, but I like some of the material and our games potentially draw from every setting imaginable (usually Forgotten Realms and Greyhawk, but sometimes oddities like Spelljammer or Dark Sun). I doubt I'll get the Eberron Campaign Guide, but I'll at least make use of the Eberron Players Guide updates in the Character Builder even if I don't purchase the book.
  • Divine Power should be interesting, but my group doesn't play many divine characters. Even when one is present, it is usually an NPC filling in as a healer. I can say that I liked reading the history for the Raven Queen. I hadn't seen her origins fleshed out before now, and while the story neither excites me nor disgusts me (indifference might be the word I'm looking for here), it is good to see more details.
New stuff is always cool... and with retraining, new stuff is even cooler because you might not need to roll up a new character to use it.
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