Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Own Multigenre Post-Apocalyptic Setting

After much thought and deliberation, I've decided not to do a Rifts D20 conversion at all. Instead, I'm going to create my own multigenre setting for D20 Modern. I may still use Rifts for a bit of inspiration, but that will be the end of it.

Ideas that I would like to incorporate into the setting:
  • Two powerful organizations locked in a cold war, one that stresses the "purity of humanity" and the other that embraces the supernatural (similar to the Coalition vs. Tolkeen conflict of Rifts, but a much more prolonged stalemate).
  • Ghouls and Mutants as demihuman races (similar to Fallout)
  • Walled (maybe domed?) cities surrounded by lots of unclaimed wilderness (like what you see in the aerial shots of Bregna in Æon Flux)
Ideas that I would like to avoid:
  • Cheezy interpretations of literature and/or mythology (such as Merlin/Mrrlyn in Rifts England)
  • Giving a specific reason for the apocalypse... perhaps different groups tell different stories, but the truth is only known to a select few (or nobody at all)
  • Making any organization or race unrealistically good or evil... I want there to be a lot of gray areas and moral decisions in this campaign... questions like "which one really is the good guy?" should be common
I may add more to these as I continue to develop the setting, but I want these to be my guiding principles. Now, I just need a name. I briefly considered Nexus, but it appears that another blogger is already working on a multigenre setting by that name. Frankly, I'm stumped... and open to suggestions. Perhaps something like Sundered Earth?


  1. Are there going to be Rifts and Ley Lines in there?

  2. Rifts will definitely be there in some form or another. I need portals to other dimensions for the multigenre element to be easily explainable. Ley lines are less of a shoe-in, but they might make it. If I do include them, I doubt that they will be towering walls of blue energy. I'd like concentrations of magic to only be noticed by magic users.

    Still working on a name...


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