"Critique My Mini Painting" Follow-Up... A Long Way to Go

Last week, while working on the literal look and feel of Spectrum Shock, I posted about how I was painting my first miniatures since I was in middle school and got some great feedback (my thanks, Tom and MJ Harnish). One of the first bits of advice I followed was reading some tutorials on how to take better photographs of miniatures, and I was blown away by the number of imperfections that I could barely make out but that the camera highlighted quite nicely. To the naked eye, many of these are almost imperceptible, but they are quite obvious in the pictures. I haven't read much on how to improve my painting skills yet, but you can tell by the following image that I have a loooooong way to go before I can claim any bragging rights.
Despite the crudeness, I like the way these look on the game table. They don't look terrible alongside D&D Miniatures, and they're certainly better than plain gray plastic. Unfortunately, now that I've seen the imperfections, I won't be satisfied until I fix them. I'll definitely be taking some time this summer to work on my painting techniques.
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