Where I'll Be Buying Miniatures

I have recently jumped into the creation of this Rifts D20ish setting called Spectrum Shock and I've been on the lookout for usable miniatures ever since. I wanted to share some places I've found quality sci-fi and cyberpunk miniatures as well as ask for a little help. If you know a company that sells futuristic miniatures that I have omitted from this list, please comment and let me know about them so I can check them out.

Star Wars Miniatures: I'm not entirely sure yet, but I'd be willing to bet that our PC miniatures will come from some of the not-quite-iconic figures in this game.

AT-43: I believe the Boston Conventional Military will use U.N.A. figures for standard troops and the Boston Supernatural Military will use a mix of monstrous figures. I'm not sure about the other factions.

Warhammer 40K: I'm not crazy about painting miniatures, but the Orks would make perfect Fallout-style supermutants. Also, the Space Marines would make cool power armor troops for the DC Defense Forces. Assault on Black Reach is looking more and more tempting...

Reaper Miniatures: The Chronoscape line has some cool sci-fi minis, and they have some superhero minis too, which I wasn't initially looking for but I might work into the setting. I really like this guy.

eM-4 Miniatures: These sets of prepainted miniatures are tempting, especially the group of mercenaries.

D&D Miniatures: I'll be using these mainly for monsters, but the party might include (or find themselves battling) a mage once in a while. Basically, this is only on the list because I already own a ton and I want to scavenge as much as possible before I spend any money.

Rifts Miniatures: I doubt I'll actually buy any of these because they just look inferior to almost everything else on this list, but I haven't forgotten about them. Perhaps I'll find a need for one of these and purchase a pack.
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