Queen of Ants and Vampire Nocturnus (Magic 2010 Previews)

These two cards were previewed in Lotus Noir (a French magazine) recently. I don't read French, but the good folks over at MTGSalvation  always translate these preview cards quickly.

Both of these cards look great. Queen of Ants is a 5/5 for five (which kind of sounds like an Arby's commercial, doesn't it?) with the ability to produce an insect token for 2 mana. Vampire Nocturnus is a 3/3 for four that gets +2/+1 and flying as long as the top card of your library is a black card (which shouldn't be difficult to accomplish).

Oddly enough, if these translations are 100% accurate, the insect generating ability on Queen of Ants reads "into the battlefield instead of "into play." That is an odd-sounding difference, but I guess it makes sense considering we already have "the library" instead of your deck, "the stack" as an imaginary zone where cards (and effects) wait for responses, and "the graveyard" instead of a discard pile. Now we just need a new name for your hand and we'll have a game with a whole new vocabulary for new players to learn.

Oh well.
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